Client Success Stories

At GHR RevCycle Workforce, we focus on improving patient outcomes and your bottom-line. Our job is to provide healthcare facilities with the people, processes, and program management to meet their revenue cycle challenges and address their workforce needs. Whether it’s as simple as providing coders to help cover increased workloads, or as involved as implementing a custom MSP program, our mission is to help you help others.

For one GHR RevCycle Workforce client, offshoring had become a major part of their overall workforce strategy, accounting for roughly 90% of their coding efforts. When Covid-19 forced global workforce shutdowns, this nationwide healthcare system found themselves with an immediate and critical need to reestablish a temporary stateside workforce to keep up with increased volume.

Turning to GHR for help, we immediately assembled an emergency response team of experienced recruiters to address the problem. Moving quickly, we implemented an aggressive recruiting program. Leaning heavily on our national database of coding professionals combined with a multi-channel outreach effort, we reached out to hundreds of qualified candidates across the United States.

Within 48 hours, we had successfully placed 20 coders to meet their emergency staffing requirements. Despite the scope of their need and the uncertainty of the times, we were able to support their coding operations until their offshore employees were able to return to work.

As Covid-19 hotspots continued to worsen in major markets across the United States, acute care clients reached out to GHR RevCycle Workforce for a rapid response solution to their Nurse Case Manager and Clinical Social Worker emergency needs.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we immediately established and began recruiting a Covid-19 Emergency Response Team (ERT); a highly qualified, mobile team of experienced case managers and social workers to respond to the crisis. Utilizing our bench of existing candidates who were fully vetted and able to deploy within a week, we supported acute care facilities in markets as geographically diverse as El Paso, Philadelphia, Tampa, and Houston.

Our Case Management ERT was instrumental in meeting the emergency needs of key clients across the country. By tapping into our existing pool of vetted, experienced talent, we were able to provide case management professionals quickly, with no sacrifice to quality or performance.

With full-time hiring on a temporary freeze due to the pandemic, a major New York multi-specialty health system turned to GHR RevCycle Workforce for help as their already understaffed and overwhelmed coding team faced a growing volume of charts and increased coding complexities. 

Recognizing the need for additional manpower, GHR and department management implemented a simple, straight forward staffing program to provide qualified, experienced coders to assist with the short-term challenges facing the coding team.  By adhering to the organization’s required experience and quality standards, the contract coders were able to hit the ground running and contribute immediately.

The end result, happy teams, quality coding and a smooth implementation without any issues.

A large Michigan based health system turned to us for help with staffing challenges faced by their Inpatient Coding Team. As part of their workforce design, they utilized a steady flow of contingent coders to support their full-time team. Though this met their workforce needs, the constant turnover of temporary coders caused continuity and quality concerns.

After analyzing their overall staffing coverage requirement, contingent usage, and workflow seasonality, we proposed a Managed Service Provider (MSP) program to meet their coding division needs.  This solution, staffed and managed entirely by GHR, provides seven fulltime contractors year-round, reducing turnover dramatically, while developing an experienced supplemental team and improving the quality and throughput of records handled.

In addition to improving the department’s coding operations and team morale, the longer-term commitment to this customized solution allowed for improved pricing, reducing overall spend. In total, the MSP program has produced a more economical, sustainable, and effective answer to this client’s challenges.

These are just a few examples of how we partner with our clients to find the right workforce solution, and qualified personnel, to solve their unique staffing needs. Contact us for more information and discuss how we can go to work for you.

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