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Case Management Questions

There are a variety of ways we can structure a travel assignment to meet your needs and billing requirements. Based on those needs, we can put together several options from which you can choose.
We have a strong pipeline of Case Managers/Social Workers who hold multiple state licenses. We also reimburse our consultants for obtaining licenses in new states. We would encourage our candidates to seek a specific state license. All of our CM’s have a minimum of an ADN and SW’s MSW.
We have a strong pipeline of Case Managers/UR Specialists with your system experience who have worked remotely. Our IT team can work with your facility to get contractors set up to use your systems/EMR.
Our candidates go through multiple rounds of interviews and assessments. Part of our process is finding out what systems and floors they have experience with. We are able to match our candidates to your specific needs so they can hit the ground running. As travelers, they are used to having to adapt to the resources in different locations. One of the many benefits of hiring a traveler is that they

Coding Questions

No, you are only billed for the hours our staff work for you. Our Compliance Auditing, Production Monitoring, and Project Management are all included with the hourly rate. The only time you would ever see our rates change is for overtime, which is not allowed without your prior approval.
Of course! We want you to see our staff as an extension of your own. Our account managers and compliance team are always available to you to transmit information, manage our staff, and take care of tasks as you need, but you have the full ability to communicate and delegate to our staff as you see fit.
Yes. We know that one of the crucial ways to ensure a fast and efficient ramp-up time for consultants coming onto your team is for them to match up on the systems you use. Our promise to you is that we will only present candidates to you who have been vetted to have extensive experience in the chart types, duties, and systems they will be using on your account.
No! We do not require any minimums of use and do not require any minimum project length. Some of our most devoted clients only use us in emergencies. They know they do not always need us, but that we will always be ready to jump in at a moment’s notice. Our contracts are flexible and written for our services to be used on-demand.

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