Candidate Testimonials

GHR RevCycle Workforce has done a very good job of staffing and managing our project-based work. We’ve worked with them for almost two years and I know I can depend on them to come through for us. Best of all, they are very good communicators. I never have to hunt them down to get an update or status check. A very different reality from some of the past agencies I’ve worked with.

Anna H., VP of HIM

What brings me back to GHR RevCycle Workforce time and again for staffing support is their depth of experience in the revenue cycle industry and how well they’ve come to know the nuances of our hospital system and how we operate. They don’t just throw bodies or resumes at an open rec. They have taken the time and made the effort to understand what we do and how we do it. And they apply that insight to find us coders and case managers who are going to fit in well and deliver the support we need. They are more than vendors, they are our partners.

Rashid L., Manager of Central Business Office

Being a relatively small, rural acute care hospital system, I have a fairly limited RI team on staff. I depend on GHR RevCycle Workforce to provide us with extra hands in our auditing efforts when our caseload outpaces my team’s capacity. I don’t need them all the time, but they are there for me when I do. Thank you.

Rita M., Manager of Revenue Integrity

Barry and his team know what they’re doing. They’re experienced, knowledgeable and are able to find just the right person for our needs. From HIM Auditors to Risk Adjustment Specialists, I know I can count on them to find me the perfect person.

Jamal C., Director of Coding

I depend on GHR RevCycle. The case managers they provide us are top-notch, they bring years of experience to the table and can hit the ground running. The customer service is always terrific. After three years of working with GHR, I can honestly say that they are as attentive to our needs today as they were I trusted them with my first order.

Robert R., Director of Case Management

Working for GHR has been a great experience as they genuinely care for their employees. They also provide continuous resources, learning, feedback, and flexibility. Most importantly, my recruiter has always been available when I need her. If you are looking to make a change, I highly recommend working for this company!

Ashley H. – Physician Coding Consultant

I was interested in transitioning to remote work and started exploring my opportunities. Luckily, a GHR recruiter contacted me. I explained what I was looking for and a few short weeks later, she matched me with the perfect client.

Gary B. – RN Case Manager

GHR works hard to keep their employees working and makes the transition from assignment to assignment as smooth as possible. I have worked as both a coder and contractor for many years now and find that GHR is a company I would recommend to anyone.  Good job GHR

Martha N. – Inpatient Coder

There is a lot of competition out there, but now that we have joined with GHR, I can say they’re definitely the best. They seem to have more opportunities to connect with. I always look forward to what might be coming up next and feel confident that GHR will keep me busy.

Dee R. – RN Case Manager

My recruiter is always working hard to coordinate just what I need or am looking for next. She is always friendly,  quick to respond to any questions I might have about an assignment, and goes out of her way often to find the right resources to help me.

Sarah T. – Inpatient Coder

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my recruiter, Caroline Bohlmann!  She is very transparent, upbeat, listen to all cares and concerns, and works diligently to make sure I have the best assignments.  In my last assignment, I felt like a part of the hospital family. It was perfect and I hated to leave.  My new assignment seems just as promising.  Sincerely, thank you so much!

Jennifer S. – RN Case Manager

I have been working with GHR/HCTec since 2017.  I chose them because of the benefits they offered over several other travel agencies.  Their process is quick and painless.  There is a lot of paperwork, just like other companies, but they do tend to assign you to one person that you work with, so that makes it much easier.  I love the freedom of being able to work when and where I want.  I have worked several assignments with them and will continue to use them as my agency.

Missy R. – RN Case Manager

I have been with GHR (Formally HCTEC), since I became a travel Case Manager in July 2017.  Except for a few months during COVID 19, they have kept me gainfully employment at multiple hospitals.  My assignments have taken me to  Alaska, Texas, and California.  They listen and care about their employee concerns. We use to get paid biweekly but now we get paid weekly. Several agencies have attempted to lure me aware from GHR but none have been successful because they can’t match GHR pay/benefits package.

Carmela G. – MSN RN – RN Case Manager

I have worked for GHR for several years and they have always made sure I am working. If I have any benefit questions or IT problems they are always quick to help out.  They listen to you and are more than helpful when you have any issues. One of the best places I’ve worked for.

Dawn T. – Inpatient Coding Consultant

I have been with GHR for almost a year now and I couldn’t be happier with an employer!  They truly take care of their consultants and provide top-notch accounts to work on.  It’s great to be a part of the GHR family.

Cori A. P., CPC – Physician Coding Consultant

We could not be more pleased with the service we’ve received from GHR RevCycle Workforce. We’ve been working with them for several years. The case management professionals they provide us are professional, attentive to detail and a major asset to our health system. Their staff understands the industry and are always fast to respond to our needs. I highly recommend them.

Katy F., Corporate Director

The entire staff are attentive and responsive to all our needs. They are skilled at making us feel as though we are their only client. GHR RevCycle Workforce acts as an extension of our own department, providing us audits & productivity reports regularly. As well as hosting weekly touch points to ensure our needs are being met. This is a great value and helps relieve the workload of managing contractors.

Edgar D., Director of Revenue Integrity

We have been working with the amazing team at GHR RevCycle Workforce for about a year. The coders they’ve provided us are experienced, incredibly thorough and accurate. We have been very pleased with the service and assistance from GHR RevCycle Workforce.

Denise P., HIM Director

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